Integrating with the API


Endpoint Information:

Flow On The Customer's Device


Flow On The Merchant's Device (in-store only)


API Details


What do I need in order to finish this step?

You would need to provide a Private API key provided by ChargeAfter for this step to work.

The ChargeAfter's omnichannel API as described should be invoked on the serverside (Server to Server).

The call should include:

  • Customer information (required)
  • Cart information (only for the checkout flow)


curl \
    -X POST \
    -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    -H 'Authorization: Bearer private-api-key' \
    -d '{
    channel: "call_center", //"in_store"
    flow: "apply", // or "checkout"
    // only required for in-store use-case
    idVerificationEvidence: {
      idType: "driversLicense", // or: "federal", "state issued"
      idExpiry: "1994-11-05",
      cardIssuer: "JP Morgan",
      cardExpiry: "01/31"
    consumerDetails: { 
        firstName: "John", 
        lastName: "Doe",
        email: "[email protected]",  
        mobilePhoneNumber: "2124445555", 
        merchantConsumerId: "merchant-internal-consumer-id",
        shippingAddress: {
            line1: "3 My Street",
            line2: "My Building, 4th floor",
            city: "New York",
            zipCode: "10019",
            state: "NY"
        billingAddress: {
            line1: "3 My Street",
            line2: "My Building, 4th floor",
            city: "New York",
            zipCode: "10019",
            state: "NY"
    sendUsing: "email"
    // Required if flow == "checkout"
    cartDetails: {
        items: [
                name: "Awesome Product",
                price: 1999.0,
                sku: "AWSMPRDCT",
                quantity: 2,
                leasable: true,
                productCategory: "Product category",
                warranty: {
                    name: "Awesome Warranty",
                    price: 100.0,
                    sku: "AWSMWRNTY"
        discounts: [
                name: "Birthday discount",
                amount: 20
//If no discount amount then should not be added to the cartDetails.
        taxAmount: 199.0,
        shippingAmount: 19.0,
        totalAmount: 4296.0
    merchantOrderId: ""; // Optional field for merchant use
    finalPostbackURL: "", // Required for checkout flow, optional for apply
    dataUpdatePostbackURL: "", // Optional
    postbackAuthKey: "<UUID>" // A bearer authentication key that will be passed in postback calls

The Consumer Details Object
The Cart Details Object

Details on the Postback URLs can be found in the next sections.


	success: "true",
    statusTrackingId: "<UUID>"