Add Promotional Widgets


ChargeAfter provides multiple promotional tools:

1. Financing Banners - An advertising message that informs your store visitors of the availability of promotional financing.

2. Product Page Widget - A widget to be displayed on the product page. It informs shoppers that financing is available, it helps conversion by showing a low monthly cost, and allows the user to apply for financing ahead of checkout. More details on the product page widget can be found here.

Product Page Widget

  1. Navigate to the Apps configuration page:
  1. Under Product Page Widgets, choose the view regions where the widget will appear.
    There are 3 predefined view areas:
    (1) Header Bottom: Bottom part of the product header
    (2) Product Below Price: Under the price of the product
    (3) Product Below Content: Under the product description
  • Provide Financing Page URL, a mandatory field for the widget. The URL can be a relative to the portal domain or an absolute.
  • Click the Submit button

Financing Banners

  1. Navigate to the Apps configuration page
  2. Click the Add Widget button in the Promotional Widget section
  1. Navigate to the Website designer. The banner tool appears on the toolbar.
  2. Drag and drop the widget to any appropriate placeholder in your store