Add Promotional Widgets


Product Page Widget are used on product pages to inform shoppers of possible promotios and a suggested monthly payment. More details on the product page widget can be found here.

Adding Promotional Widgets

  1. Navigate to the Apps configuration page:
  1. Under Promotional, choose the view regions where the widget will appear.
    There are 3 predefined view areas:
    (1) Header Bottom: Bottom part of the product header
    (2) Product Below Price: Under the price of the product
    (3) Product Below Content: Under the product description
    (4) Cart Below Totals: Under the cart line items

  • Choose one of the promo types to display a financial offer available
  • Provide Financing Page URL, a mandatory field for the widget. The URL can be a relative to the portal domain or an absolute.
  • Click the Save button

Promotional on Cart Preview and Product Quick Modal

To apply promotional on cart preview and product quick modal need to add minor changes to your theme.

  1. Navigate to the Theme Editor: Admin > Channel Manager > Your Channel > Theme

  1. Click on the Advanced button > Edit Theme Files


Theme Backup

We recommended doing theme copy before editing

  1. Open file templates/components/cart/preview.html and add the next code inside previewCartCheckout block:
    <!-- This is cart preview section -->
    <section class="previewCartCheckout">
    	<!-- Custom code inside previewCartCheckout section -->
    	<div data-content-region="ca-preview-cart"></div>
  2. Open file templates/components/products/quick-view and wrap a code {{> components/products/product-view}} in next block:
    <!-- Custom wrap code with product view inside -->
         data-product-price="{{#if product.price.with_tax}}{{product.price.with_tax.value}}{{else}}{{product.price.without_tax.value}}{{/if}}">
      <!-- This is quick product view content -->
      {{> components/products/product-view}}
  3. Save and apply changes

Extending Product and Cart Pages

To add promotional widgets on new custom areas for cart or the product pages, update theme regions via the theme editor and then update applied regions on the promotional settings.

In BigCommerce, regions are specific locations in the Stencil theme template files where you can place a widget. You can add a region at the cart \ product file level using the format {{{region name="..."}}}.


Best Practice

Give a region name that is descriptive of the location and function

  1. Navigate to the Theme Editor: Admin > Channel Manager > Your Channel > Theme
  2. Click on the Advanced button > Edit Theme Files

  1. Open file templates/pages/cart.html for cart page or templates/pages/product.html for product page, add a new region:

    {{{region name="..."}}}
    <!-- For Example: new region after submit buttons on cart page -->
    {{{region name="cart_below_submit_actions"}}}

    Note. You also can add new regions on nested components, for example, file components/products/product-view

  2. Click on Save & apply all files button

  3. Navigate to the Apps configuration page: Admin > Apps > Choose app

  4. Under Promotional, choose the newly added regions where the widget will appear.

  5. Click the Save button

What’s Next