Installation New Plugin

Allow integration of ChargeAfter payment option with the Shopify eCommerce platform.

Integrating ChargeAfter’s financing solution new plugin requires installing software component ChargeAfter Payment Gateway. Follow the below guide in the steps they appear to make your way through the installation process.

Steps to Install the New Plugin

  1. Request a direct link to the ChargeAfter Payment Gateway from the support team
  2. After logging into your store, a prompt pops up and asks you to install the ChargeAfter payment gateway. Click on Install app, shown below:
  1. You should be redirected to the payment gateway settings page after installation. Also, you can return to the Settings page > Payments > Supported payment methods > select Payment Method by ChargeAfter. Click on the green Manage button:
  1. You should be redirected to the Settings page.
  2. Enter the public and private API keys in the appropriate fields in the Settings panel and choose Transaction mode. You should receive two different sets of keys from ChargeAfter from Sandbox and Production environments.
  3. Click on the Save button:

You should see an offer above the form to complete the payment gateway settings after saving if this is the first installation. Click on the Activate Provider link, shown below:

  1. You should be redirected to step 3 with the payment gateway configured. On this updated screen, you can choose Test mode for Shopify transactions. Click on the Activate Checkout Financing button to enable payment gateway to the checkout:
  1. Done. Your customers can now use ChargeAfter:

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