Before You Start

Make sure you have Public and Private API keys to use as part of the setup process

Install The ChargeAfter Plugin

  1. Go to BigCommerce Applications Marketplace > click the Get This App button:

  1. Enter your store:

  1. Click the Install button on the application widget:

  1. After installation, click Confirm:

  1. Enter the Public and Private API keys in the Settings panel. Next, choose your Mode:
    • You will receive two different sets of keys from ChargeAfter from Sandbox and Production environments
    • Choose the appropriate integration environment. We strongly recommend to test your solution in the Sandbox environment before promoting it to Production environment.
    • Choose the transaction type to authorize only or authorize and settle payment

  1. Click the Submit button to apply the changes for your store

Configure The New Payment Method


Why Is This Needed?

BigCommerce requests that a new payment method replaces an existing unused payment method. The documentation shows how to override the option to pay with a Check. If this is an option you need, contact the ChargerAfter merchant onboarding team for guidance.

  1. In your store portal, go to Store Setup > Payments > open the drop-down with offline methods > next to Check payment method, click the Set up button:

  1. Set up the Check payment method by filling in the following data:
    • Display Name: ChargeAfter
    • Available Countries: United States

  1. Save

Checkout & Account Signup Configuration Changes

  1. In your store portal, go to Advanced Settings > Account Signup Form > Address Fields:

  1. Edit field settings:
  • State/ Province: set checkbox to "Yes this field is required":

  1. Go to Advanced Settings > Checkout > under Checkout Type, select "Optimized One-Page Checkout" option:

  1. You're done!

What's Next?

  • Try out the functionality in sandbox environment (Need test data? contact us to receive relevant test data)
  • Use the Promotional financing widget to optimize the use of your financing solution

What’s Next