What Is The ChargeAfter Omni-Channel Solution?

ChargeAfter offers an onmi-channel solution that boasts the same best-in-class customer experience across all channels - e-commerce, in-store and call center.

Customer Flows

The solution supports the following flows:

  • Apply for financing ahead of checkout
  • Checkout for new customers (Apply & Buy)
  • Checkout for returning customers (Buy)

How Does It Work?

The customer goes through the exact same flow as in the ecommerce solution, on their own device (for the in-store flow, it can also run on the merchant's device). Using e-mail or text messages (SMS), we will provide the customer (on behalf of the merchant) with a link/button that will allow them to launch and complete the process on their device. The link is sent in a secure fashion and has a predefined expiry.

How Do I Use It?

There are 3 ways to start using our in-store/call-center capabilities, described in the table below:

Integration Method
Zero integration: using ChargeAfter - Operate
SDK integration: using ChargeAfter’s JS SDK to facilitate the flows
Custom integration: Using ChargeAfter’s API to facilitate the flows