Testing the Integration

Dealing with systems that are based on real customer data for various purposes (e.g., risk, profiling, underwriting, etc.) can be a burden. ChargeAfter created a set of tools that will enable you to test the entire integration with ease during development.

Sandbox Environment

For testing purposes, we provide a sandbox environment that is separate from the production deployment, both in data and in lenders integration.

Lender Emulators

Additionally, we created lender emulators that generate fake financing offers based on manufactured information, without reaching out to the lender's systems. This enables you to use our product without needing to come up with valid information.

Test Cases

During integration and before going live, we recommend performing a set of test cases to make sure everything works as expected.

What’s Next?

Go ahead and test your setup with ChargeAfter
Monitor, control, and analyze the merchant’s financing test activity via the Merchant Dashboard

What’s Next
  • Integrate our promotional widgets
  • Use the Apply UI to increase financing volumes
  • Learn about our merchant dashboard