Post Sale and Charge statuses

ChargeAfter - Post Sale statuses

In ChargeAfter, and order is called a charge.
Similar to the concept of credit-cards, the first status of a charge will always be "Authorized".
This is meant to verify that the amount of the charge is secured and authorized on the lender's side.

From each status, there are different possible transitions that can be applied using the ChargeAfter Post Sale API or manually through Operate.

Please review the diagram of the different charge transitions.


Status list:

  • Authorized: Order’s total amount is authorized
  • Partially Settled: Order's amount is partially settled (partially captured)
  • Settled: Authorized amount is fully settled (fully captured)
  • Voided: Full authorized amount is voided (the order is canceled)
  • Partially Refunded: Settled amount is partially refunded
  • Refunded: Settled amount is fully refunded
  • Chargeback: An order that a chargeback was initiated for, following a dispute

In order to initiate a status change, from the charge details view, the user is requested to use the post-sale actions located in the top right corner.


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