Using ChargeAfter - Operate

Call Center section in Operate

The Call-Center section will be available on the main menu of your Operate for Merchant portal.

From this view merchants can create a new application link by filling the consumer information.


Sending an Application Link

By clicking next there will be 2 options for the merchant:

  1. Send the application link to the consumer
  2. Proceed to build the cart in order to create a checkout link

Sending a Checkout Link

In the cart builder view, items can be added to the cart.

Each item should have a name, SKU, quantity and price.

In addition, warranties can be applied for each item.

After the items were added to cart, the component on the right hand side will show a summary of cart items.
Then, additional costs can be applied such as: Order ID, tax, shipping and discount information.

Once the cart is for checkout, the user can click on "Send Checkout Link" in order to send a link to the consumer.



Don't Have Access To Operate?

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