Operate - Overview


“ChargeAfter Operate” is a suite of operational tools that are built in order to help Merchants, Lenders, and Financial Partners operate their entire ChargeAfter activities.

Operate for Merchants is the new innovative way for merchants to manage their operational data and activity including:

  • Reports
  • Charges
  • Consumers
  • Call Center
  • Funding data

The system is designed and built to help merchants' operations and finance teams, manage post-sale lender interactions, user activity, and retrieve funding reports.


The navigation panel on the left side of the screen allows you to view and manage your ChargeAfter account in the following aspects:

  • Overview - The Overview tab allows you to see a high-level report, with different sales metrics.
    In Addition, this view will include a list of the 10 recent consumers who applied and got prequalified/approved for financing amount.
  • Reports - The Reports tab includes a full list of different business reports. These include KPIs and different analysis metrics for the merchant activities in ChargeAfter.
  • Charges - The Charges tab allows you to see and manage orders that were processed through ChargeAfter, including sales information and post-sale actions.
  • Consumers - The Consumers tab lets you view a list of all of the consumers who interacted with the merchant through the ChargeAfter platform.
  • Funding - The Funding tab lets you view a list of the aggregated funding data from all of the lenders in the waterfall.
  • Call Center - The Call Center tab allows merchants to create application and checkout links that can easily be sent to consumer devices.
  • Resolution Center - The Resolution Center is the dispute management. module in Operate. This allows merchants to manage dispute cases with different lenders.
  • Users - The Users tab is the place to manage and view user access to Operate. this module will allow to invite new users and manage their access permissions.

What’s Next