Lease-to-Own Support


Specifying whether a product is leasable is required when offering a lease-to-own financing option (e.g. Katapult or Progressive Leasing). The ChargeAfter app treats all products as leasable by default.

Single Product Configuration

Follow these steps to tag a product as non-leasable:

  1. Navigate to the product catalog (Admin > Catalog > Products) and select the product to edit

  1. In the main section, scroll to the “Non Leasable” attribute and switch the value to “Yes” position.

  1. The product should now be marked as non-leasable.

Multiple Products Configuration

You can execute an update on multiple products via Magento UI, as shown below:

  1. Navigate to the product catalog (Admin > Catalog > Products)

  1. Select the products to be marked as non-leasable from the list

  1. Click on Actions dropdown > Update attributes

  1. Scroll to the “Non Leasable” option, click on the “Change” checkbox, and choose “Yes” value

  1. After pressing the Save button a task for setting items to non-leasable setup will be added to the work queue of Magento.