Lease-to-Own & Warranty Products


If you offer lease-to-own payment options, indicating products in the cart are leasable or are warranty items will be required. The ChargeAfter Payment app treats all products as leasable or as a warranty item by default. Follow the steps below to correctly tag products as non-leasable or warranty:

Configure Extra Feature option

  1. Navigate to Admin > Settings > Apps and sales channels.

  2. Click Develop Apps

  3. Click on Create App, type any name and submit to create.

  4. Navigate to Configuration tab, find Admin API Integration block and click on Configure.

  5. Type read_products scope in filter field, select the scope and save.

  6. Navigate to API Credentials tab and click on Install app button.

  7. Complete app installation, scroll to Admin API access token click on Reveal token once action and copy the new value.

  8. Navigate to Admin > Settings > Payments, choose the payment method and click on Manage button.

  9. Scroll to Extra Features section and paste copied access token in the next field, save changes.

    Settings Page

    Settings Page

Tag Product as Non-Leasable

  1. From the Admin, go to the Product details page.
  2. In the Organization section, under Tags, enter the words “no leasable” and press Enter.
    The product should now be tagged as no leasable as shown below:

Tag Warranty Items

  1. From the Admin, go to the Product details page.

  2. In the Product Organization section, under Tags, enter “warranty” as pictured below and press Enter.