This widget will display up to 3 offers based on the item price. Clicking the link in the widget launches a pop-up window with a detailed description of the financing plans available, as well as an explanation of the alternatives, should the consumer not qualify for an installment plan.

This widget allows changing the default “Learn more” link text. This can be done by adding a text into the widget container (see example below).

This widget uses the following attributes:

  • data-widget-type: “product-widget-installments”
  • data-widget-item-sku: “[your-product-name]”
  • data-widget-item-price: “[your-product-price]” (must be more than 150$)
  • data-widget-financing-page-url: “[your-financing-page-url]”


<div class="ca-promotional-widget"


Prequalify From The Widget!

There's an option to enable customers to prequalify for financing ahead of checkout, directly from the installments widget. This is a highly effective way to increase sales and AOV. Contact our support team via email to set it up.


When creating more than one widget with the same data-widget-item-sku, the data-widget-price must be the same in all those widgets. If not, the last widget’s data-widget-price will be used for calculating financing options for all widgets with the repeating data-widget-item-sku.

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