Integrating ChargeAfter’s financing solution requires installing two software components:

  1. ChargeAfter Payment Gateway
  2. ChargeAfter Apps.

Install ChargeAfter Payment Gateway

  1. Request a link to download the ChargeAfter Payment Gateway from [email protected]
  2. After logging into your store, a prompt pops up asking you to install ChargeAfter Payment
  3. Click Install payment provider
  4. From your store’s admin site, navigate to Settings > Payment providers
  5. Scroll down to the Alternative payments section and click Select additional payment method
  6. Select ChargeAfter
  7. Check the Use test mode box to connect to the Gateway’s Sandbox environment. Leave the box unchecked to connect to the production environment.
  8. Under Public Key and Private Key enter your Sandbox or Production merchant keys, based on
    your selection in the previous step
  9. Save
  10. You're done!

ChargeAfter payment method is now activated

Install the ChargeAfter Apps

ChargeAfter apps connect your store to the ChargeAfter environment. If you are using separate stores for test and production, you only need to install the relevant ChargeAfter app for each store.

Follow these steps to install an app:

  1. Use one of the following URLs to install the app, where you need to type your store’s primary domain (for example,
    1.1. For the ChargeAfter - Production app:
    1.2. For the ChargeAfter - Sandbox app:
  2. If you are not already logged in to your store’s admin, you will be asked to log in
  3. Once you are logged in, the ChargeAfter Installation page will be loaded in your admin site
  4. Click Install unlisted app to install ChargeAfter app
  5. In the side panel, click Apps. The ChargeAfter- Production or ChargeAfter-Sandbox app should now be in your list of Apps.