Charges Walkthrough

Charges List view

Created - The date the order was created
Updated - The date the order was last updated in the system
Order ID - Unique ID for a specific order - specified by the merchant
First name - Consumer's first name
Last name - Consumer's Last name
Email - Consumers's Email
Lender - Financing provider’s name
Channel - The platform where the order was initiated (e.g. eCommerce, in-store, call center, etc.)
Amount - The order's amount
Currency - The currency of the order
Status - Types of order status, also called the "Post-Sale" state:

  • Authorized: Order’s total amount is authorized
  • Partially Settled: Order's amount is partially settled (partially captured)
  • Settled: Authorized amount is fully settled (fully captured)
  • Voided: Full authorized amount is voided (the order is canceled)
  • Partially Refunded: Settled amount is partially refunded
  • Refunded: Settled amount is fully refunded
  • Chargeback: An order that a chargeback was initiated for, following a dispute

Charge Details view

In order to view the full details of an order, you can click on the right arrow on each record, to drill down to see its full details.

Charge Summary component

This component includes the summary of the charge:

  • Lender name
  • The Channel the charge was created on
  • Store name, in case the charge was created through an In-Store channel
  • Order ID
  • Charge created date and time

Consumer Details component

In this section the user can find the full consumer details related to this charge:

  • Consumer full name
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Shipping and Billing address

Cart Information component

This component will show a breakdown of the items that this charge contains.

  • Item name
  • SKU
  • Quantity
  • Unit price
  • Total amount

In addition to the item's information, there will be a breakdown of the additional cart costs: Tax amount, Shipping amount, and discount amount.

Charge Balance

This component will show a summary of the charge balances.

This will include the total settled amount, the total refunded amount, the total funded amount, and the merchant fees that were deducted from the total original funded amount.

Charge History component

In this section, all the transactions and updates will be shown.

In ChargeAfter - all the charges are created in an "Authorized" state, then charges can be settled or voided.
Each settled transaction can be refunded.

On Settlements and Refunds - there should be a "funding" event that will represent the money transfer between the lender and the merchant.
This funding event will be shown in the History component as shown above.

Please review the post-sale article for full information about the different charge statuses and available actions.