Disputes - Case Details view

Dispute Case

The merchant can drill down to view the dispute details.

There are several parts to the Case Details view:

  • Case Details: Full order details, including the disputed amount, dispute reason, and description.

  • Consumer Details: Complete consumer information.

  • Dispute Items: The list of all the items that are part of the disputed case.

  • Discussion: Here lenders and merchants can add their thoughts and comments on the case.

  • Timeline: This view will keep track of all case-related updates.
    It will also contain other pertinent information and timestamp.

  • Attachments: This section will contain all of the documents and attachments of the dispute case.

Actions on Dispute

Merchants can reply on a dispute and assign it back to the lender.

To assign a case back to the lender, click the Assign button on top right of the page.

In the Discussion section, merchants can review the latest communication from the lenders and can reply with new messages and documents.